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I’m Nick Kiriazis (pronounced Keer-ee-ah-zis). Full-time dad, husband, photographer, and woodworker. I  currently reside in the beautiful town of Jonesboro, AR, with my wife Lori, our 2-year-old daughter Nora, and the small army of animals and wildlife we call family.

My hometown is a Northwest suburb of Chicago called Park Ridge, IL, but after my beautiful wife recently accepted a position at Arkansas State University (Wolves Up!), we moved to Jonesboro, and I’m excited to continue building my business right here in the Natural State.DSC_0245-BWEDIT

I began my interest in photography at an early age, and quickly grew fond of its imaginary power with practice. Now as an adult, I continue to imagine and dream, and have taken my cameras across the world.  I wear the saying “Jack of all trades” as a badge of honor, and enjoy an extensive list of hobbies that make me feel alive.



IMG-4031It just so happens that photography and the dedicated craftsmanship of woodworking reside at the top of that list, and help me support my family.

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I approach every experience as a friend and a professional, not a hired camera eager to simply get the job done.

I get it. Any event that requires photographs – whether it be a wedding, a family portrait, a promotional business project, or an event – can be overwhelming. If you hire me, the photographs will be one critical item you won’t have to worry about.

As one of my clients, you’ll receive a handcrafted, full-service experience from me. This means you’ll never have to worry about any aspects of the photography. I hope to earn your trust in me before, during, and after the shoot, and hustle to be the person you recommend to your family, friends, and colleagues.


The Straight Talk

I work hard to keep all pricing non-traditional and simple. The focus is to add value to your hard-earned money with no hidden fees. As an artist, I focus on quality over quantity, always working to ensure you have a wide variety of images after our session.  All rates are comprehensive, and include edited images in your hands within 30 days post-shoot. You will have access to a separate digital portal with access to download all images, and discounted pricing for physical prints.

No nonsense – all seamless. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?


1.0: The Per Hour

  • Includes, but is not limited to, Family, Maternity, Newborn, High School Senior, Milestone, Engagement, Portrait Session, On-Site Business Marketing, Product Photography
  • If needed, as many outfits/locations/people/rooms/poses as you wish within the hour
  • Clean and efficient post processing of hand-selected images
  • 20-30 high resolution images, both in color and black and white
  • Prints available for purchase and are handled through a strong selection of professional print vendors
  • 10% discount on all framing services
  • All-inclusive, flat rate of $150 per hour of shooting time – this includes travel time

2.0: Weddings and Corporate Events

  • A pre-date consultation to establish rapport, photograph list, and location scouting
  • Clean and efficient post processing of hand-selected images
  • High resolution color and black/white images uploaded to your own private online photo gallery that can be shared with whomever you wish
  • Prints available for purchase and are handled through a strong selection of professional print vendors
  • 10% discount on all framing services
  • Flat cost of $800 for 3 hours of shooting time, with a rate of $150 per hour thereafter

3.0: Crow’s Ridge Stock Images and Prints

  • See my Etsy Shop for currently listed prints and sale prices


Well…what are you waiting for??

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